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Learn about the best cannabis smoking accessories for sale to improve any smoke session.

Smokers rely on the cannabis accessories market to boost the smoothness, ease, and enjoyment of their sessions. As marijuana smokers become more advanced, they tend to seek more intricate tools to enhance their smoking sessions. While head shops sell nearly every standard tool, only certain manufacturers offer higher quality options, including innovative technology to increase optimal output and enjoyment.

Today, we’ll explore the best weed accessories for sale by King Palm which are surging in popularity among cannabis smokers.

Weed Grinders

Pocket-sized metal cannabis grinders are the standard go-to style for smokers looking for a long-term solution to maximize their sessions.

What users like is their discreet functionality in being able to store a sizable amount of cannabis in a sealed grinder in their pocket.

At any time of the day, users can easily reach into their purse or jacket and quickly grind up some fresh flowers for on-the-go consumption.

Depending on your needs, everyday cannabis smokers can conveniently carry around a standard-sized three-chamber metal grinder in one of seven different colors, including standard black and six different Mars-themed designs and hues.

Others may require a bit larger two-piece grinder or a fast electric grinder for XXL pre-rolled cones to quickly JUST PACK IT and get to passing the blunt around the smoke circle.

For an even more convenient chunky grind, look for them in their top online smoke shops offering a credit card-sized grinder card that easily fits into your wallet or back pocket.

Flavored Cones

If you’re ready for a splash of flavor from pre-installed squeeze and pop filter tips, you can explore a deep inventory collection of popular tastes.

With all-natural terpene infused, individually packed, or bulk boxes, you can easily order online to have discreetly shipped to your front door.

Popular flavored cones users love includes.

Grape HD

Banana Cream

Berry Terps

Cherry Charm

Fruit Passion


Green Apple

And many more!

Even though there’s an extensive selection of pre-roll cone flavors to choose from, King Palm is always open to recommended tastes from their audience.

By carefully listening to their customers, they’re able to stay on top of trending mouthwatering flavors.

The online smoke shop commitment to serving top-grade cannabis smoking accessories found it necessary to include humidity control packet technology to maximize the freshness for an enhanced flavor experience.


All serious smokers need a quality ashtray that reflects their personality. 

Whether you prefer the standard reliable ashtray or you’re looking for a premium Bermuda or Gold & Silver ashtray, there’s something for everyone.

Higher-end ashtrays combine their charm with their function and with some premium options, including a durable metal material that’s unbreakable.

Other first-rate ashtrays are engineered with the classy marijuana smoker in mind and designed with an extended flat end for you to enjoy longer smoke sessions.

With King Palm’s signature slow and smooth burning 100% natural hemp or palm leaves, you can more thoroughly enjoy a luxury experience with a lay-flat ashtray by taking a few puffs, setting it down, and being comfortable picking it back up for a smoke at your own pace adventure.

Joint & Blunt Filter Tips

It’s common for prerolls in dispensaries to come with a paper filter tip. They provide a much smoother cannabis smoke and prevent weed from going into your mouth. These weed smoker accessories evolved into having the benefit of pop and squeeze flavor activation.

These 100% natural terpene-flavored tips are perfect for blunts or joints with any type of rolling paper.

Filter tips fit nearly any size of rolling paper with an ideal snug fit of 7mm for either wraps or paper.

The all-natural filter tips are hand-made with organic corn husk and designed to control the flow of air by gently squeezing the filter.

Further design features also help prevent the inhalation of small bits of flaming hot plant matter for added smoothness.

Hemp Wick

One of the most popular cannabis accessories is all natural hemp wicks. They are a growing favorite among cannabis enthusiasts and are used as an alternative to lighting up without a butane lighter.

To avoid potentially inhaling some butane gas from your typical lighter, cannabis consumers are finding a boost of smooth freshness to their session by first lighting the hemp wick and then igniting their smoking device.

Those who enjoy the close-to-nature essence of hemp wicks also have the benefits of knowing they’re taking advantage of two favorable renewable resources.

You can take pleasuring in a full 17 feet of premium quality hemp wick to further enhance your toke session. 


Every cannabis smoker needs another cool lighter and are always looking for an exceptional design or an interesting new flame technology to wow their friends.

Whether you need a Triple Jet Torch Lighter, a Turbo Butane Torch Lighter, a standard torch lighter, or a classic box of matches, King Palm has your back.

Their Hydra Triple Jet Lighter is their classy fan favorite with push-button ignition with an exceptional performance output (3 giant flames) that can easily light up in any weather.

These rechargeable gas lighters are a must-have for any serious smoker looking to toke on the go.

Another classic favorite is the Premium Sparkwheel Torch Lighter with a polished gun metallic color that looks and feels like a high-quality piece of technology.

All lighters a reasonably priced to meet the needs of any budget looking for a unique and stylish new device to add to their collection.

Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays are next-level marijuana accessories for those aiming to make your session less messy and way more convenient for any time quick rolling.

If you’re new to rolling trays, anyone who’s tried them agrees they make your life as an avid stoner considerably easier.

Whenever it’s time to burn one down, you’ll find everything you need is still conveniently sitting on your portable little rectangle rolling tray.

Smokers like to keep their rolling papers, lighter, grinder, etc., on their rolling tray to pick up and quickly roll one up.

Now you can choose between several iconic designs, shapes, sizes, and even glow-in-the-dark rolling trays for easy nighttime packing.

The glow tray comes with a remote control where you can choose any color on-demand for your added pleasure.

Blunt Glue

Blunt Glue is a cannabis accessory that’s steadily catching on as more smokers are finding 100% natural options to help them ensure they’ve made a proper seal on their blunt to prevent it from breaking open mid-smoke.

To use, simply add a few dabs to the end of the paper or blunt wrap and gently press it down until the seal is correctly made.

What users like about blunt glue is you no longer have to use your own saliva to try and somewhat seal the paper together.

Now you can easily dab a few drops of plant-derived glue to create a reliable seal.

More advanced users are finding that you can cover your blunt with a thin coat of blunt glue and add kief to further enhance your experience.

Roach Clips

We’ve all heard of roach clips, but few have the pleasure of actually using them for their intended purpose of giving you a more hands-free method of smoking, ashing, and inhaling your entire blunt to the very end.

Roach clips come in many interesting designs with stylish compact features to securely hold your hot roach.

Users find they like using roach clips when the blunt gets near the end to help them more easily pass it around the circle without burning their lips or fingers.

High-quality roach clips are elegantly designed cannabis accessories with various crystals, gold, and other sophisticated elements to boost your adventure.

Pre Rolled Cones

Also known as all joint cones, they’re for those looking for a more precisely rolled method for cannabis that’s done in less time. They are made from all types of natural materials too. 

To use pre rolled cones, all you need to do is add your favorite ground-up smoking material and gently pack it in with an included bamboo packing stick.

Users with joint pain in their hands find they enjoy not having to hand-roll their blunts anymore.

You can choose from a large selection of sizes, quantities, flavors, paper types, and much more.

A few notable pre-rolled cone options include.

Rose Cones

Palm Cones

Lotus Tubes

Goji Cones

Hemp Cones

Blunt Cones (Won Best Option!)

And more

With such a wide selection of options, it can be easy to get lost, which is why we recommend you start by ordering smaller quantities until you find your favorites.

Once you find your favorite type or flavor, you can save by ordering bulk boxes to keep you well-stocked for a rainy day.

Top Rated Marijuana Smoking Accessories

Cannabis accessories brands are always a hot ticket item for cannabis enthusiasts and their smoke circle. They’ve been mentioned on leafy for their top blunt wraps.

Enthusiasts are delighted when they find new 420 accessories that not only enhance their style but also take the hassle out of the smoking process.

Whether you’re looking to gift marijuana accessories for her, marijuana accessories for him, or you’re looking to elevate your current cannabis smoking accessories collection, there’s something on our list for you.

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